Our products are made-to-order. Meaning, we do not carry ready stocks of the rubber bands. The rubber bands are produced when we receive an order and the deposit amount from you.
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 500 kilos is required for each size and each color.
You may order a number of sizes and colors in the same order. The total invoice amount must not be less than USD 15,000.

To process your enquiries and orders, we need to have the below information from you:
• Your company Name and contact person name
• The physical address, telephone no., mobile/WhatsApp no. and email id of your company
• Quality of the rubber band you want to order
• Quantity in kilos or cartons that you wish to order. Please refer to the MOQ criteria mentioned above.
• Size of rubber band (Flat Length, Diameter, cut-width, thickness). Please refer to “Measurement & Size” page.
• Color of rubber band
• Do you need to pack the rubber bands in a polybag or a paper box? Please refer to the “packaging” section of our FAQ page
• Is the polybag/box with a print? if yes, how many colors printing? please email the logo to be printed
• How many grams of rubber band do you need in a polybag or box?
• How many polybags/boxes do you need in each carton/sack?

Once we have these details, we can quote you a good price.

MOQ (Minumum Order Quantity)

We produce rubber bands to your specific requirements. As such, we do not carry any ready stock.

To produce your required quality, size, color, and packing, we need a minimum quantity of order otherwise it is not cost-effective for you or us.

At the same time, to export the product, we need a minimum invoice value amount otherwise it is too expensive to transport and cover the overhead expenses for handling the shipment.

Therefore, we need a minimum quantity (MOQ) of 500 kilos for each size and each color. The overall total invoice amount must not be less than USD 10,000 or equivalent.

Once you are ready to meet the MOQ criteria, we can proceed further….


Decide on the QUALITY you wish to order. There are 5 grades based on the rubber content to choose from –  60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100%.

You will find pictures and videos of the various qualities on our website www.yorkrubber.net and www.yorkimpex.com

The basic difference between the 5 qualities is the amount of natural rubber we put in the produce. Example: 80% quality would mean that 80% of the rubber band is natural rubber and the remaining 20% are fillers, rubber oil, stabilizers, etc mixed into the rubber.

The higher the rubber content, the more long-lasting and stronger the rubber band. The higher the rubber content (%) the higher the price.

Based on your specific use and market requirement, you must decide on which quality you will import. You can order more than one quality to be shipped in the same consignment.

Please click here to view all the qualities we offer…


Decide on the COLOR you wish to order. Each quality can be produced in a variety of colors. Natural colors, red, blue, green, yellow, white are the same price. Other colors such as violet, pink, orange, bright color ranges can also be produced for you if you so wish, but we need to check the price for that color on a case by case basis.

In the case of Natural color, the shade of each batch of raw material is different. Therefore, it is not possible for us to supply the same shade of Natural color in each shipment. However, we try to match the shade as close as possible and usually the shades are not too different.


Decide on the SIZE you wish to order. Rubber bands size is determined by the following:

Diameter (“dia”) – This means the length of a straight line passing from side to side through the inside center of the rubber band. It can be measured in inches, centimeters (cm) or millimeters (mm). Click here for the image

Flat Length (“LFL”) – Means half of the circumference of the rubber band. Fold the rubber band in half and now measure from left to right – it is the Flat Length or Lay Flat Length (LFL) of the rubber band. It is usually measured in millimeters (mm). Click here for the image

Cut-Width (“C”) – This means the height or width of the rubber band. It is usually measured in millimeters (mm). Click here for the image

Thickness (T) –  This means the thickness of the wall of the rubber band. It is usually measured in millimeters (mm). Click here for the image…

The price for all standard sizes is the same. Some sizes smaller than 1-inch diameter cost more.


Decide on how you would like us to pack the rubber bands for you. Commonly used packing methods are:

In polybags – The rubber bands can be packed in transparent PP polybags. These polybags can be printed with your logo for an additional (one-time) charge for the printing block. The charge will depend on how many colors you use and how many sides are printed. Usually, the charge is around USD 150 per color per design.

You must specify to us how many grams of rubber bands you would like us to fill into each bag. Example: 100 grams, 150 grams,…300 grams, 500 grams 1,000 grams (1kilo) or 5 kilos, etc…we can fill the polybags with as much weight that you specify to us.

After this, the polybags can be put into export cartons (export boxes) or PP woven sacks.

In Boxes – The rubber bands can also be packed in printed paper boxes of various sizes that you specify. The boxes have a hole cut into the top as a dispenser. The boxes are usually printed with the buyer’s logo and design. You can also use our logo which is LIGHT BAND. Click here for the image of LIGHT BAND.

The boxes are then bundled together in shrink film – usually 12 boxes to a bundle. Click here for the image of a bundle…

The bundles are then packed into export cartons (export boxes).

Although packing in printed boxes cost more and take up more space in the shipping container, they are functional and beautiful. The rubber bands can be easily dispensed or put back into the box through the opening at the top (dispensing hole). They can be placed on your desktop the same way as you would place a ruler or a stapler at your work desk.

Please click here to view the packaging options…


Natural rubber is a commodity and as such the price changes daily. The market price of rubber depends on many factors such as demand-supply, weather conditions, government policy, currency exchange rate, minimum wage as announced by the government, etc…

We will quote you the prices on FOB USD or Euro. The price can be per kilo, per carton or per box as you may require from us. Since the rubber prices keep changing, the price we quote you is valid for 7 to 14 days. You must confirm your order within the price validity to use the offered price. If you are not able to confirm within price validity, then we may or may not accept your order at that price after the validity has expired.

Production And Shipping Time

Your goods are produced according to the quality, size, color, and packing that you specify. Usually, it takes between 30 to 60 days to finish production and packing your goods. The actual number of days it takes to produce your order depends on factors such as how difficult is it to pack your goods, are there many sizes/colors in your order, how many orders we have on hand before your order, are there long public holidays during the time of your order, etc. Please check the approximate delivery time with us at the time you are ready to confirm your order.

After the goods are packed and ready for shipment, they are loaded into shipping containers and shipped to you (“consignee”). Usually, it takes anywhere between 25 to 45 days to reach most destinations from Thailand. The actual number of days it takes for the ship (vessel) to reach you (ETA) depends on your port and the shipping line schedule. The vessels usually reach their destinations on time, however, it is not unknown for the ship to reach the destination later than the estimated date of arrival. This is beyond our control.

Inspection and Quality

Our products are manufactured with good quality rubber and time tested processes. We have been tested by the best labs and in accordance with international standards.

Please click here to view our test reports.

Before we start production, we will send you a sample of your order the rubber band for confirmation.

After you approve our sample, you must send us the deposit amount for your order and we will start the production of your goods. When the goods are nearly ready, we will send you pictures of the ready goods. Samples from the actual production can also be sent to you if you so require it.

Alternately, you can appoint an inspection company such as Intertek, SGS, Bureau Veritas to inspect the goods on your behalf. All third party inspection expenses must be paid by you.

Freight & Shipping

The packed goods are shipped on shipping containers. The containers can be 20ft, 40ft or 40HQ size.

We can arrange to book the freight (freight pre-paid) for you or you can make the arrangement with the shipping line in your country (freight collect). In case we arrange the freight from our end, we shall inform you of the freight rate and when you agree, we will make the necessary arrangement for you. The freight amount will be added to your final invoice for payment.


The payment terms are normally by T/T (Telex Transfer). We can accept other payment methods such as D/P at sight or L/C. However, the last two mentioned methods are costly and will add to the final price that you pay for the goods.

Once you have confirmed your order, you must send us a deposit amount. Upon receiving your deposit, we shall start processing your order.

When the goods are near completion, we shall require the balance amount to be paid including the freight (if any). We will book the shipping container (vessel) for your goods after we have received all the amounts due.


The following documents are provided free of cost: Invoice, Packing List, Bill Of Lading (B/L), Certificate Of Origin (C.O.).

Other documents can also be provided as requested although we may charge extra for certain documents such as special test reports or CoC (Certificate Of Conformity).

Finally, when all documents are prepared and confirmed by, we will send the same to you by courier or you may request us to release the container via electronic instructions (“Telex Release”).