70% Rubber Bands


70% Rubber Bands

70% rubber band is mainly natural rubber with only 30% compound fillers and coloring. Such rubber bands are durable and have reasonable elasticity. This grade of rubber band is suitable for office use, bank, school, govt. offices. grocery & supermarkets, retail shops, agricultural farms for packing the produce, vegetables & fruit cultivation, etc.

Country Of Origin: Thailand

Main Material: Natural Rubber

Appearance: Solid Opaque

Color: Natural, Golden Brown, Brown, Light Yellowish

Shape: Round

Usage: Tying objects

Diameter: 0.75″ up to 5”

Flat Length: 30 mm up to 200 mm

Cut-Width: 1 mm and above

Thickness: 1 mm and above

Packaging Options: Packed In Polybags, Sacks or Boxes.

PP Bags: Starting from 70 grams per bag up to 1 kg per bag

90 grams/bag, 100 gram/bag, 150 grams/bag, 200 grams/bag, 250 grams/bag, 300 grams/bag, 500 grams/bag, 1000 grams(1 kg)/bag

In Boxes: 10 grams, 25 grams, 50 grams or 100 grams

In Sacks: (bulk): 30 kgs per white PP woven sack

OEM Services: Available (cost of printing blocks / plates to be paid by buyer)

Delivery Time: 30-45 days approximately (please check delivery time at the time of order)

Payment Terms: T/T