The most popular packing is in transparent PP Polybags which can be printed or simply plain. This kind of packaging is beautiful and cost-effective.  Each bag can contain any weight as required such as 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo, etc… The bags can be printed with the importer’s logo and information of the product or it may be just plain without any printings.


The bags are then packed into corrugated paper boxes

Another way to pack is in bulk which is useful when the bands will be used in some industry (not for retail end-user).  20 to 30 kgs of the rubber bands can be packed directly into the sacks or can be divided into smaller polybags and then into the sacks.


By using this packing, the labor cost for packing and printing is eliminated thereby reducing the price. In addition, by this method maximum quantity can be loaded into the container which reduces the freight and shipping costs.

Below are some pictures of goods packed in bulk:

Rubber bands can also be packed in printed paper boxes which is useful if it will be used in an office or someplace where the use is not high frequency. Box packed rubber bands are suitable for retailing and can also be used as advertising/promotion.